Tea stories

Tea has been a popular and wholesome drink for centuries. Almost everyone knows tea, because tea is also a piece of culture. And there are always questions about tea, whether about its origin or how to prepare it. I myself am an enthusiastic tea drinker, and not just because I sit right at the source. When I started taking tea to markets and fairs in 1986, I quickly realised that my customers expected much more than just general knowledge about tea from me.

So I set out to get more information about tea. Numerous experiences of my customers have also given me a deeper knowledge of tea as a product. I have always been happy to pass on this knowledge because, as we all know, real tea drinkers are like a big family – and in that family you help each other, don't you?

There are also many stories about tea, which is no wonder considering this delicious drink. I have documented some of these stories here; especially on long winter nights, they are a welcome break from everyday life. Best brew yourself a good cup of tea and browse through the texts here. If you have children, there is sure to be a bedtime story or two included.

As a customer-oriented merchant, I am always interested in providing you with the most comprehensive information possible about tea. Therefore, I have now integrated this information section into the online shop. I wish all visitors and customers an entertaining and enjoyable time on these pages.

Your friendly tea merchant on the internet

Walter König

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